Forky the Meatball is a blue meatball who lives in a house shaped exactly like him. He wears a red hockey puck as a hat because he's bald, and speaks in a Bronx accent. He is a professional level maker and uses his oversized fork to move, eat, pick up things, throw things, use means of self-defense, scratching his back, filing his taxes, and pretty much everything in between. Without his fork, he'd probably die within a week or two. He doesn't like Mr. Bob, but he doesn't exactly hate him.


Forky the Meatball was born March 28th 1979 in the Bronx, NYC, in Dupville. He was the youngest of three childen. His mother, Cottonswabby was a capitalist venturer, and his father, Knivey was a stock broker. With his friend Scammers, they did things such as kicking the can, throwing rocks at houses, listening to old cartoons on the radio, and playing the Atari 5200. At one point he was a taxi driver, but it was hard to drive with a fork while holding down the gas pedal, so he is currently unemployed.


  • Forky's first appearance was in The Wrath of Dr. Evil, made before the founding of The Dups.
  • He has appeared on mugman multiple times.
  • For some unknown reason Feedles lives with him.
  • He once asked Cakey how his wife and kids are doing.
  • Forky once destroyed Mr. Bob's PS3.