Mr Bob's Dog

Mr. Bob's Dog

Mr. Bob's Dog is well... Mr. Bob's dog. Yes. That's his name. Mr. Bob's Dog. That's what Mr. Bob named him. Notice he looks exactly like Mr. Bob. He's a slightly deformed Grow-Your-Own-Puppy-Dog! water inflated sponge that somehow came to life by someone unknown. He may not look like much, but he's far more intellegent than Mr. Bob. He built Mr. Bob's TV all by himself when Mr. Bob wasn't looking. He's really Mr. Bob's only friend.


I pretty much summed it all up already up there.


  • At first he was completely silent and was just sorta... there, but now he can talk and often gets Mr. Bob out of sticky situations.
  • He is the smartest living thing in DupVille.
  • Under his puppy dog mouth hides a deep secret, yet Mr. Bob is too stupid to even see where his eyes are.

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